June 12, 2017

Doctor's Dialogue: Answering Your Top Three Product Questions
In a recent episode of Doctor’s Dialogue, LifePharm® Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar answers three of the most popular questions on Laminine® and Lamiderm® Apex, and why you can reap double the benefits by using this superior duo together.
Six More Chances to Win!
Congratulations to Janet Byron of the United Kingdom and Frans Moes of the Netherlands, last week’s winners of the #ActivateYourSkin social media campaign. Two winners are now chosen weekly until the end of June, for a total of six more free bottles we’re giving away! Share your unique picture or video on your social media pages with the hashtags #ActivateYourSkin and #LamidermApex.

Business Connection

Three Weeks Left to Earn Your $100 Cash Bonus!
The Lamiderm Apex enrollment promotion ends in just three weeks. Finish this month strong by downloading the Lamiderm Apex Product Education and Business Training Guide. It will show you step-by-step what to do when sharing and following up. Don’t forget: you earn an extra $40 if you get five people to try Lamiderm Apex and $100 if you get nine total new enrollments.
The European Executive Tour Kicks Off in Two Weeks!
Looking for some inspirational recognition? State-of-the-art business training? Come meet and greet your LifePharm Corporate executives, participate in event-only product promotions, learn about new and upcoming product research studies and more! The first event of the European Executive Tour kicks off in Germany and ends in Hungary. Check out the flyer below for full details.
Three Tips for Choosing Your Best Business Picture
If you agonize over your LinkedIn picture or other professional photos attached to your business, you’re not alone. Picking the right one is a key factor to your business success. Here are three tips to choosing the right one.

Following through by following up

How to start a Lamiderm Apex verbal conversation

Everything you need is the new training guide