Introducing a new way to earn with Lamiderm Apex
Starting today until June 30, 2017, you can earn cash when you share Lamiderm Apex. We’ve created a new enrollment option that makes it easier than ever for a new person to try Lamiderm Apex and start earning commissions. The Lamiderm Apex Enrollment is one 15ml bottle of our new skin care serum for just $70. Plus, when you enroll five new IBOs with this promotion you earn $40. Enroll nine and you earn a $100 bonus—that’s on top of the regular Fast Start Bonus you earn with each new enrollment.

Help everyone you know experience Lamiderm Apex and earn a cash bonus! For full details, view the flyer below.
Lamiderm Apex Enrollment Promotion Flyer
#ActivateYourSkin With Lamiderm Apex and You Could
Win Free Product
If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and love your Lamiderm Apex, we want to hear from you! Post a picture or video of yourself with Lamiderm Apex or your “before-and-after” pictures with the hashtags #ActivateYourSkin and #LamidermApex to your social media pages. Every Friday we’ll repost one picture or video on our social media pages and that person will win a free bottle of Lamiderm Apex. You can post a new photo or video every week for a chance to win—check out our first winner below! Our Lamiderm Apex campaign is exclusively run through our LifePharm social media channels from now until June 1st. View the flyer for full campaign details.
#ActivateYourSkin Campaign Details
Looking to Increase Rank? Consider Hosting a
LifePharm Meeting
This year has already gotten off to a strong start with IBOs hosting meetings in Romania, Korea, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands. One of the best ways to advance rank and immerse yourself in the LifePharm Business is to attend and hold meetings and events. Click the link below to access the latest YES Ezine and read about all the successful Global Events held in 2016.
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Ingredient Spotlight:
Lamiderm Apex Deep
Delivery System
We’ve compiled a weekly overview of all the main ingredients in the Lamiderm Apex bio-skin serum. The final ingredient blend is the Deep Delivery System made up of Aloe Vera juice, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil. These elements allow the serum to penetrate below skin’s surface to soften and refine skin for better absorption. Do you love your Lamiderm Apex? Join the social media campaign and win a free bottle!
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Policies and Procedures
Your LifePharm IBO Policies and Procedures document has been updated. All IBOs should be familiar with this document and review it regularly. For your reference, updated portions have been highlighted.
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#ActivateYourSkin winner
Congratulations to Monika Szegfu from Hungary, our first winner of the Lamiderm Apex #ActivateYourSkin campaign!

Are you next? Post your own photo or video with Lamiderm Apex on social media for a chance to win! Click below for all the details.
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