January 9, 2017
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1.3 Million American Adults Experience Auto-Immune Inflammation
There are various types of inflammation which affect our health. One type is auto-immune inflammation, whereby the body actually attacks its own tissue. Discover how this type of inflammation can negatively affect your joints.
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IMMUNE+++ Latest Product Featured on American Health Journal
Successful IBOs often state that having credible resources to share on the LifePharm® Products are important when introducing the supplements for the first time. Our flagship product, Laminine® has appeared on American Health Journal twice (view the link below), and OMEGA+++ was featured in 2014. Last month, IMMUNE+++ appeared on the award-winning show for the first time. If you missed the broadcast a few weeks ago, check out the link below and be sure to share it with your team, customers and potential prospects. If resource tools like these videos help you advance rank this year, be sure to tell us in your endorsement!
Click Here for IMMUNE+++ on the American Health Journal
It’s a new year and you probably have goals set in place to make your LifePharm Business more successful than ever. One of the best ways to increase rank and immerse yourself in the LifePharm culture is to attend and host meetings and events. LifePharm assists you by sending you free products and helping to reimburse you for the cost. If the timing works out, a LifePharm executive may even attend and speak at your event. Click the link below for full details on how to host your own meeting.
How to Host a Meeting Flyer
Business Building Corner
Business by Phone is Not Extinct
As we begin a new business year and embrace the ever-changing technology to help us succeed, there is still the old-fashioned telephone that has a place in business. When was the last time you used the phone for a business-related purpose? If the answer that comes to mind is "rarely" or "never," here’s why you’re missing out on a great business tool.
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Be Resourceful
"The three sources I must credit with my achievement are the Resource Library available in the LifePharm Virtual Office; LifePharm corporate promotional incentives and the Auto-Delivery Advantage program. My entire team has been a constant source of encouragement and support. Through webinars, group calling and chat, they have always motivated me, sharing their wisdom and offering other incentives to help me grow my LifePharm Business."
Daniel Barz, Gold
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Did you know?
January is National Blood Donor Awareness Month
You may have already made your New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year, but we have one you’re going to want to add if you haven’t already: consider becoming a regular blood donor starting right now. It could save someone’s life, maybe even your own or someone you know.
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