January 2, 2017
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Watch the Debut of IMMUNE+++ on
American Health Journal!
For those of you who missed it, IMMUNE+++ was recently featured for the first time on the award-winning American Health Journal. LifePharm Research Scientist Dr. Edward Andujar and Executive R and D Scientist Kimberly Lloyd M.S. explained to viewers how not all vitamin C blends are the same, including what defines an immune booster. LifePharm Silver IBO Dr. Jose Toro also discussed how the immune system works with three types of white blood cells. Click on the link below to see the broadcast.
View IMMUNE+++ on the American Health Journal
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Is 2017 the Year You Jump
on the Auto-Delivery
Advantage Program?
Chances are, you’re probably already experiencing all the benefits the program has to offer, but what about your LifePharm team members? Did you know if everyone on your team is enrolled in Auto-Delivery, you can rank advance faster and better predict your commissions every month? Each Auto-Delivery Advantage pack is already discounted, you don’t pay a dime for shipping, and after your sixth consecutive month on the program, we’ll send you a free product gift!
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Holiday Closures
Please be advised that the LifePharm home office and Customer Service will be closed on Monday, January 2, 2017 for the New Year. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd. Happy New Year to all of our LifePharm IBOs!
Business Building Corner
Events are Crucial to Network Marketing Success
Training and business events are the flagship of our industry. Whether you’re attending a large meeting such as the recent LifePharm one-year European anniversary event, or something smaller like an IBO-hosted opportunity training, events can provide much of the knowledge you need to be successful.
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Be Positive
I am so grateful that LifePharm came into my life. It gave me the opportunity to work in a systematic environment with people and hear amazing endorsements about the power of the LifePharm Products. It is an amazing business. Everyone has a chance to learn how to give his/her body what it needs, and to help others take responsibility for their own health. Since becoming a LifePharm IBO, I have had only the best experience with the company and the LifePharm Products. I am doing my best to spread the word to other people so they can improve their lives as well.
Jelka Kiralyova, Silver
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Five Ways to Make a
New Habit Stick
We all have at least one not-so-great behavior we’ve tried to change: smoking, biting our nails, watching too much television, emotional eating and more. Kicking a bad habit is a great goal, no matter what time of year you vow to make the change. Here are five strategies to keep you from backsliding.
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